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Improving the lives and skills of people affected by the Criminal justice system.

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Simply Learning Joins Renaissance NE's mission to improve lives of people affected by the Criminal justice system.


Simply Learning is delighted to be working with Renaissance NE to help improve the lives of people in our region who have experienced the impact of the Criminal justice system and who have not had access to proper skills and training.

Simply Learning is dedicated to improving people’s lives through training. We are working alongside this charitable organisation to help people who have been through the criminal justice system to live meaningful lives in their community and help them to support their families.

Many people in our region are marginalised or socially excluded, they may be discriminated against or have experienced or are at risk of entering the criminal justice system. Renaissance NE is a community interest charity (CIC) working with the Ministry of Justice to help rehabilitate people by providing skills and employment to support them back into their community and get their lives back on track. Renaissance NE founder members understand the challenges ahead as they have the experience and understanding of the Criminal Justice system themselves, either in a personal or professional capacity.

As a leading training provider, Simply Learning has chosen to work alongside Renaissance NE to help provide a pathway to a better life for those who they are supporting. We believe that demonstrating our Social Value should be a genuine and meaningful offer.

Prison populations are at an all time high. As a training provider and employer, we feel it is our duty to invest our time into helping those people who simply have not had the right tools at their disposal to create their own career path.

Research shows that people who are given access to employment and training are less likely to reoffend. Education in prison gives individuals the skills they need to unlock their potential, gain employment and become assets to their communities. This is one of the pillars of effective rehabilitation.

We hope that by working with Renaissance NE , Simply Learning will be able to provide people with a clearer path for their future success, ensuring that we are giving back to those who need our support.