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When choosing a training course, do you go for the cheaper recorded option or the live streamed classroom based option?

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What's so special about Expedient?

Let’s face it. Google the term “health and safety training” and you will be faced with hundreds of options of training courses that you can send your people on.


So how does Expedient still retain its place as the ‘Go To’ for health and safety training for the construction and utility sectors?


Phil Embleton has now been with Expedient Training for over eight years and says the answer is really simple.


“To Expedient, people really matter.”


Protecting the most valuable asset of your business, your people

Phil explains;


“It depends on how you look at health and safety training. Is it a check box exercise for the purpose of contracts or is it seen as something vital to protect your employees?


We’ve reviewed many online courses – some high quality footage and some not so high quality! Content aside the key differential between live courses and pre-recorded is the ability to achieve high engagement levels.


Running a video with a few multiple choice questions at the end may satisfy the internal processes of a company, however how much does the candidate actually learn?


I’ve asked myself a number of times – as an employer would I rather spend a little more money to send my teams to live training experience where they are fully engaged with the trainer – or have them sit watching a video?


Pre-recorded videos for material such as tutorials are ideal.


But, when it comes to health and safety, I would much rather a live course – whether streamed or in a classroom – as I would feel much more confident that my team would walk away with much more knowledge than a recording could provide.


The distractions of devices, what’s going on around you and re-prioritising makes watching video a much less effective way of training.”

Context and questions in the workplace

“Our trainers are experts in delivering courses that bring real life examples into the session.


We all have a backgrounds in construction, utility or emergency services – meaning we are able to provide context to the course material and the audience we have in front of us. Something which a pre-recorded video can’t provide.


Having the ability to bring in content around the delegates is a skill in itself and something which we pride ourselves on. It makes the learning experience much more interesting and the learner walks away remembering much more.”


Phil continues;


“You really can’t put a price on your employees safety. Our courses are delivered to a high quality – whether streamed or in a classroom – ensuring the candidates are fully engaged and walk away learning as much as possible about reducing their risk.”

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