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NRSWA Streetworks

Tests move online meaning quicker results and a smoother process

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Testing for NRSWA Streetworks moves to an online exam

The NRSWA Streetworks series of courses are one of the most popular choices of courses that Expedient have; and we’re excited to announce that the process of testing will change from 1st June 2021.

Hundreds of candidates have successfully taken our courses and moved onto pass their tests, ensuring they can work effectively and safely in the public highway.

Throughout  the course, tests are taken under exam conditions which in the past  were paper based with a mix of open and multiple choice questions.

This will now move to a much improved online test format which will provide a better experience for our customers.

Still under exam conditions and post course completion, candidates will complete their 30 minute examination on an electronic device rather than on paper.

Any practical assessments will not change.

A much smoother experience

We’re excited that the accreditation bodies have moved to this method of testing as it will provide a much quicker and smoother experience for our candidates:

  • Multiple choice questions only
  • Once submitted, an instant response of pass and fail
  • Speeds up certification
  • Supports accessibility
  • Removes risks of error in marking
  • Help the environment by reducing paper use

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