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Our New Starter Takes On Our Confined Spaces Course. 

Get insider knowledge on one of our most popular courses!

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Abbie's first hand experience in confined spaces. 


Abbie Riley, our latest recruit wanted to get first hand experience of what our candidates experience, and her first mission…  Confined space training!

“I joined the company early this year and within that first week, I had decided that it was vital to experience exactly what Expedient candidates do – after all that’s what I’ll be promoting in my role of Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator.

My first mission? Medium-risk Confined Space Training, one of Expedient’s most popular courses.

To say I was excited to do this 2-day course was an understatement, so I came in to work nice and early to start my first day of training at 8:30 am.”

Confined Spaces Part 1:

“This first day consisted of the importance of your safety and awareness in these spaces and how to identify these areas as confined.

We discovered what can make an atmosphere dangerous and what the causes are. There was a summary of the commonly encountered dangerous gases, a list that many confined space workers should see to understand what is a danger to them.

From understanding what confined spaces are and how to identify them, we discussed further first-hand experiences the class had within their years of working around those dangerous environments.

I understood the importance of the class giving examples of their work environments, not one individual’s story was the same. Comparing situations throughout the course opened up discussions where people learn from each other and not just from our trainers!

Continuing from our safety discussion we were informed of what safety equipment we should have and how to use it.

As you can see I was fully kitted out in a jumpsuit, high vis, harness, hard hat, and escaped set. We were made to do the necessary checks on the equipment before using them, to ensure we are entering a confined space in the safest way possible. A gas detector was also provided to check the space before even entering.

As a group, we were shown real-life examples of what has gone wrong previously in these confined spaces and how to prevent a reoccurrence.

All this is done within the first day to ensure we are prepared for the practical on day 2.”

Watch this space for Abbie’s next instalment of her training!