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Expedient launch Mental Health Awareness Courses

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Mental Health Awareness

The mental health of employees is a concern for all organisations. Not only can poor mental health affect sickness rates and employee churn, the Health and Safety Executive state that organisations have a duty of care to staff.

There has been a general shift in the way that mental health is recognised as being just as important as a person’s physical health, meaning that the impact can be reduced through awareness and the right way to manage and support it.

Expedient launch three FAIB Mental Health Awareness Courses

Tim Graham

Expedient have responded to the needs of this by launching three new courses that will become available early 2020.

The courses will be delivered by Expedients experienced trainer Tim Graham;

“This is an excellent addition to Expedient’s course catalogue as I believe that all organisations should have a high level of awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Our own training is accredited by The First Aid Industry Body, so our candidates will experience the highest quality during their course.”

Tim goes on to explain;

“The courses are offered as a half day, a full day and two day programmes; training candidates to recognise stress and common mental illnesses, providing them with the ability to put in place mental health action plans to help those in need. The outcome will to ensure that organisations equip employees with the skills they need to address the needs of their staff and peers.”

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