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Silica. A huge risk to construction workers.

Second behind Asbestos, is your workforce protected?

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What is Silica?

Silica, a natural substance found in construction materials such as bricks, tiles, concrete and mortar, is the second biggest risk to construction workers behind asbestos.

The threat is very real, as prolonged exposure to Silica can cause lung cancer and other serious respiratory diseases such as COPD.

The HSE estimated that the death of over 500 construction workers in 2005 was related to Silica. The image below shows the maximum amount Silica that one person should inhale.

£36, the cost of a course that could save a life

There has been an increase in HSE Prosecutions for not properly protecting workers against possible exposure to silica dust.

Expedient Training are supporting the UK construction Industry by advising them of this trend and offering preventative training courses in this subject.

Phil Embleton, Health and Safety and Training Manager for Expedient explains;

“Making employees aware about this subject that will help keep them safe during work activities as well as providing safer working practices.

To help ensure companies are protecting their employees, we’re offering two courses for one; Silicia Awareness and Face Fit for only £36.”

Phil went on to say;

“It’s so important that construction workers are made aware of these dangers and given the right training to help protect themselves.

This dust can be generated during many common tasks, including cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing.

Some of the dust produced is fine enough to get deep into your lung and is too fine to see with the naked eye. Awareness of silica and the right fit for masks is vital to minimise risk of serious damage.”

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