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Outstanding customer feedback for our team

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100% Score for Expedient

In today’s environment, when we come to choose a new product or service, most of us seek for advice and recommendations from our colleagues, friends and family.

Expedient have been tracking feedback for a number of years from clients to identify areas of improvement to ensure the best experience.

One of the key questions that we ask, which tells us really how people feel about the service they have had, is if they are likely to recommend Expedient to others. 564 clients have completed the survey and 100% of the respondents have stated that they are likely to recommend us.

Strong focus on quality


Claire Irving, Expedient’s Business Manager, explains:

“This is an outstanding score and something for us to celebrate. We place such a strong focus on quality of service at Expedient.

We are a practical and theory based provider that delivers training around keeping people safe at work, whether on a construction site, road or in an office; so receiving fantastic feedback tells us that people have high degrees of trust and confidence in our service”

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